How it Works

How our products work

Even for pros, odor elimination can be a tough challenge with lots of variables. The wide variety of odor sources along with the subjective nature of what constitutes “bad” odor can complicate the process of diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of efficacy. Now, advances in technology have made odor elimination more efficient & effective than ever before. And some pros are discovering that Cleanbay, Inc. products expand their capabilities and open all new profit opportunities. It’s the first true advance in odor elimination technology in decades.

The Science Behind Cleanbay products and Odor Control

Cleanbay products eliminate odors via a process called oxidation.  More accurately, Cleanbay molecules work in a chemical reaction that involves the transfer of electrons between molecules and atoms.  We all know what skunk spray smells like – that odor is generally known as a mercaptan.  Cleanbay molecules steal electrons from the mercaptan molecule.  Changing the composition of the molecule so that it no longer smells.  It does the same for smoke odor left after a fire.

Our Cleanbay molecule is SMALL!  Why does that matter?  Small odor molecules, like smoke from natural materials (roughly 0.1 microns) can easily embed into surfaces making their removal very difficult.  Cleanbay molecules are 100x smaller than a smoke molecule.  Another way of saying this is that 100 Cleanbay molecules could fit into a smoke molecule!  This makes Cleanbay products the perfect option to oxidize the smoke residual leaving an odor-free environment with no residue.

The Small Size of Cleanbay Molecules Allows Penetration to Areas that Harbor Malodors.

New Flexibility & Capability

Since Cleanbay products are available in both liquid and gas form, it is flexible to use on a wide variety of odor challenges. Liquid-form Cleanbay products are sprayed directly onto to affected areas with a spray bottle to soak the offending molecules. Gas-form Cleanbay products reach into hidden nooks and hard-to-reach areas (such as crawl spaces, air vents, and attics) to eliminate unseen odor-causing elements.


At Cleanbay, Inc. we believe the deodorization industry has not done enough to solve the root of common odor issues in a cost-effective way. Cleanbay products can help complete a broader range of jobs, more profitably. We encourage pros who are interested in expanding their capabilities or in staying on the leading edge of odor elimination tech, to test Cleanbay products for themselves.